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In this video series, we bring the experts to you in short 5-10 minute clips! The brain health research insider discusses common research data questions related to TBI. The series also centers on shifts made in brain health research this last year and how you can conduct research effectively in virtual settings.

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  • EMAs – Increasing Participant feedback and accuracy
  • FITBIR – pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Data Curation – Without clean data, what’s the point?
  • API – Avoid double entry, pulling data from your EHR
  • ePRO – Advantages to participant self-reporting
  • And more!

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Discover the best practices for TBI research in a virtual-first world. Each short video features an industry expert with perspectives on key topics such as data curation, EMAs, ePRO, and more.

QuesGen Content Series EMA's

Using EMAs to Capture Accurate Data

QuesGen Content Series Data Curation

Data Curation, What's the Point?

QuesGen Content Series ePRO

Advantages to ePRO

QG_Content Series Video 4 Email_v1_03-12-21-1

FITBIR – Research Data

QuesGen Content Series APIs & Data Integration

APIs and Data Integration

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